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from $75

add mould treatment (for visible mould) $45

add antibacterial & mould barrier (for storage) $15

If you have a new baby on the way, it is a great idea to have your capsule professionally cleaned and sanitised. The fabrics are removed, submerged, hand scrubbed, washed and dried. The straps and frame are then scrubbed and flushed with a high pressure hose.  Once dry, the frame is detailed, the fabrics are touched up, and we  re-assemble the capsule. It is then ready for your new baby to use with the peace of mind that there are no nasty germs lingering from prior use. 

Did you know that on an average more than 90% of child restraints are incorrectly installed or being used, there is so much misinformation out there and it can become very confusing to new mums and dads. Many people are unaware that restraints only have a life span of 10 years from the manufacturing date and that you are not permitted to use restraints from overseas here in Australia.

At The Pram Cleaners we strive to ensure that all new parents who are entering this forever changing time have the knowledge and confidence when it comes to their car seat/capsule. If by us taking the time to give you a demonstration of how to safely use your car seat/capsule, we feel like we have made a difference in making sure our community safer.

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