Single Pram  $115
Double Pram $165

- add mould treatment (for visible mould) $30
- add antibacterial & mould barrier (for storage) $11
- Extra Fabric $15
- 2nd Pram seat only $55
- Pram Bassinet $55
- Pram travel bag $35
- Rain cover $15

- We also offer quick cleans for non soiled items with a 24hr turn around $85
- Emergency quick cleaned for soiled items with 24hr turn around $110


We clean, sanitise and detail all types of prams. We remove all the fabrics and submerge them in our high quality cleaning products that will kill any nasty germs. The fabrics are then hand scrubbed and thoroughly flushed with a high pressure hose. The frame and wheels are also scrubbed by hand and rinsed. Everything then gets put in our purpose built drying room. Once dry, the frame and wheels are detailed, the fabrics are touched up, and we re-assemble everything. Your pram will literally look like new!